Terms and Conditions

Speedypancake Web Design – terms and conditions

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Website hosting:
We use a highly experienced, top quality UK-based website hosting company to host our websites.

About WordPress:
Most of our designs are based on “WordPress” – the world’s leading content management system (CMS). WordPress and any associated “plugin / app modules” are freely available for anyone to use. This popular system has been tried, tested and proven to reliable, secure and effective, and is actively supported and developed by a world-wide community of talented website developers, coders and enthusiasts. However, Speedypancake cannot guarantee that any changes to the WordPress software, software updates or changes in terms of use made by the publishers of WordPress and their associates, or that any site modifications made by the customer or by Speedypancake on the customer’s behalf will not affect the cost, function or reliability of your web site.

Technical Problems:
We will make sure that your website is set-up and available in full working order shortly after we have received your payment and website content. Due to the dynamic nature of websites, software updates, user content edits, uploads and updates, we regret that guarantees or refunds are not possible.

In the event of a technical problem with your web site, please contact our support directly in the first instance. While our responsibility for technical issues is limited, we will do our best to investigate any problems reported to us, and attempt to resolve these as quickly as possible.

Design License:
By using our services you are purchasing the right to use one copy of our web site layout, design and design experience for 12 months.

All our designs, design components (and any content we may have created or customised on your behalf) remain the property / copyright of Speedypancake. When you use our website services, you are purchasing a license to use one copy of the design. Legal copyright is retained by Speedypancake at all times. You may not under any circumstances duplicate, pass on or re-sell any of our websites, designs, design input or content.

Website Hosting, Email, Backup and Support Services:
Ongoing website maintenance, website hosting, email and domain registration are subject to recurring charges. The first 12 months is included from the date of purchase. You will then be invited to renew your services with us on an annul basis, for as long as you require our services. Please see our pricing page for current renewal pricing – PRICING

The renewal charge is payable 2 weeks in advance before the current plan expires. You may terminate your service at any point, but any services already paid for  are non refundable.

Extra Optional Services
We also have an exclusive range of optional extra services available to help you make the most of your website. These optional services are available at any time for a simple, one-off fee. Please see our website for details: OPTIONS

Terms of service
By using our services, you agree not to upload copyright-protected material, illegal, inappropriate or *offensive material to your hosting / website.
As the domain owner and principal hosting client, you are legally responsible for all content in your hosting  / files / website.
You will not use our services to attack or spam others eg. unsolicited email marketing etc.
Our services are available subject to “reasonable use”. This includes certain restrictions regarding the size / space your website requires and bandwidth demands. These are more than adequate to run an average small / medium sized website.  If your website appears to breaching reasonable use, we may contact you to inform you, and at our discretion, offer an alternative up-graded hosting plan more appropriate to your needs, or we may terminate your account.

We have the right to cancel your contract at any point, with the subsequent loss of your website, emails and data / content if the customer abuses our terms of service in any way.

Speedypancake will not be liable for any loss of service or any other losses as a result of service interruption, “down time”,  technical faults or “hacks”. If there is a breakdown or interruption to your services, we are not liable for any losses or damages you or your business may suffer. This includes data loss or any financial losses deemed as a result of service problems, termination or interruptions.

By using our services, the customer absolves us from any liability as a result of their use of our services.

We do not offer or imply any guarantee or warranty regarding our services.

The discreet “Speedypancake Web Design” link must remain unaltered and visible on your website pages at all times.

Your website = Your responsibility
You (the customer) are explicitly responsible for the security of your website, including any private data or customer details you store on your site / web host / servers. While Speedypancake will setup and monitor the hosting and support for your site, it is you, the site owner / customer who is legally responsible for your website. That means the content and images on your site must never break the UK laws or our own terms as discussed here. And while we employ the latest security and backup software, you are utlimately responsible for the safety and security of your site. This means you have a responsibility to protect your site login passwords and never do anything to compromise security, such as installing 3rd party software for example without our permission. If in the unfortunate event that your website is “hacked” or exploited, we will do our best to help recover your site, but we reserve the right to shut your site down without notice, and will not liable for any losses of content, data or profits you may incur as a result.

Website Setup Process:
As part of our one-off setup , we will attempt to modify the customer’s choice of layout / design to incorporate their own business branding, colour schemes and content / imagery. As part of the setup process, we require that the client supply us with their own appropriate content, text and choice of images to replace the dummy content displayed in their chosen website layout. This content will be supplied to us in the form of an email / online design content form.

Domain Registration / Ownership:
If the client doesn’t already have a domain name for their website, we will ask them to choose a suitable, available domain name for their business which we will register on their behalf using the client details we are given. This domain will remain the property / responsibility of the client.

If at any point the client wishes to terminate their website contract, assuming the domain is still active, it will be available for management / transfer via the registration company free of charge.

The client is free to terminate their hosting contract with us at any point. Unfortunately it is not possible to refund any unused contract time already paid for. Clients will receive a reminder email 1 month before their current hosting contract is due to expire.

Leaving Us
Your contract with us includes ongoing yearly payments for website hosting, maintenance, email services and domain name registration. These fees are currently payable 12 months in advance.

If you wish to leave us for any reason, you may cancel your contract at any time. Please use the support ticket system to request cancellation.

In the event of cancellation, your website and email services may be terminated within 15 days of your cancellation request. Your website will no longer be available and any website files, data, content and emails remaining on the hosting servers will be deleted.

If your domain is still active, we will unlock it, email your EPP code, and make it available for transfer. It will then be up to you to arrange your own hosting and domain registration maintenance / renewal.

We regret that we cannot allow or assist with transfer of any website files to another host / provider, or issue refunds for any time / services remaining on your contract. If you wish to install and host one of our sites with another host, please enquire about our custom / bespoke website development services.

Non Payment of Services
You will be invited to renew your website / services with us on an annual basis. You are free to cancel at any point.

We’ll send you a reminder and a proforma invoice a couple of weeks before your contract is due to expire. If you fail to respond to the renewal request within 2 weeks, we will send you an email reminder.

If you fail to respond to this reminder, we will issue a second and final reminder 7 days later.

If we still have not heard from you, we will assume you no longer require your website and begin the cancellation process. If you registered your domain with us, this will be unlocked, we will email you the epp code, and then delete all your website files / email accounts etc.