A little help choosing a website design company to work with:

Finding your ideal website partner on the Big Wide Web isn't easy. You are spolit for choice, so we've put together a few thoughts and suggestions to help you on your way...

Take your time, and do some research. Take a look at their previous work portfolio to get some reassuarance they will do a good job for you.

Google them. Is anyone recommending them? What are they saying??

Do you have any friends?
Do you have any friends or colleagues who can recommend someone?  (Around 60% of the new business we get here at Speedypancake comes from existing clients and personal recommendations).

Are they local to you? Do they need to be??
If you are the sort of company that requires regular face-to-face meetings, "brainstorming" sessions, and you need to look over a designer's shoulder while they scroll through a hundred different shades of "blue" Speedypancake are probably not for you, but you will want a local firm. Regular team meetings, thinking outside the box, biscuits and coffee with your design company can be fun - but do expect to pay handsomely for this.

While most of Speedypancake's clients are based in Scotland and the Edinburgh area, we have never actually met most of them. We are chuffed to work with companies all over, from north of Scotland to the South of England, to the continent and even Hong Kong. Working via email and phone suits us and our clients. Fact is we'll do great work for anyone, wherever you might be.

The Price Is Right
While price is important, it's probably best not to choose on this alone. You don't want to be ripped off. But equally, you don't to end up with something Cheap and uncheerful which will end up costing you more in the long run to get fixed by us.

Unlike many other website design agencies, Speedypancake are transparent and upfront about our prices.  These are based on a basic hourly rate of £60. 1 full day's website development costs £480 (dropping a bit for larger, more involved projects).

A typical bespoke website here takes us around 2 weeks to build (1 day total development time) and costs £480 fixed price.

We have the design experience and expertise to work quickly and we do everything we can to keep our overheads down, which makes us surprisingly competitive.

Being able to make basic updates and edits to your website yourself is important to most of our clients. That's why we use the latest WordPress CMS platform. This includes a login / admin dashboard so you can easily make basic changes such as updating prices, adding new products or images yourself. It also means we can add new features and functions as your business needs grow without having to build a whole new website. If this flexibility matters to you then check your prospective web designers use WordPress.

Of course some people are just too busy running their business to be bothered updating their website, no matter how easy we make it, so we also offer tailor-made website support packages so you can sit back while we take care of everything for you.


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