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At Speedypancake, we believe that simple and uncluttered is the best way forward when it comes to website design. Giving your content a bit of space and room to breathe makes it easier to read, easier on the eye (and more likely to be read).

Same with website navigation. It should be clear, obvious and easy to find your way. Some websites require a lot of pages and content, so user-friendly navigation techniques such as large, drop-down menus which expand when hovered to reveal more sub pages can work well here.

Having a responsive (mobile-friendly) design really is a must these days. More and more people are trying to navigate the Big Wide Web on tiny smart phones, so you had better make sure your website keeps its good looks and composure when it is squashed into tiny screen.

The Web is a visual medium
They say a picture can paint a thousand words. While not always strictly true, some professional, well-chosen stock images can add visual impact to your website. Images can help to explain complex thoughts or processes, and break up an endless sea of dry, boring text if your business or team aren't exactly photogenic...

A picture of a curious cow!
A picture of a curious cow!

Websites are like Speed Dating...

Websites are a bit like speed dating. Your company website has a very limited time to impress new visitors and potential clients and get them back to yours for coffee. First impressions count and people are generally busy, and often grumpy. People don't have time to grab their favourite pipe, put on their slippers and settle down to watch your 30 image slideshow or read about your life story. They've probably landed on your website through a search link. They are looking for some specific information, and by golly, you had better make sure they find it, quick or they're out here and onto your competitors!

So just say "NO" to annoying popups blocking everything and asking folks to sign up to your latest news letter, before you have even opened the front door. There's plenty time to get better aquainted later if you make a good impression and they hang around for a bit.

Figure out why people are visiting your website. Work out what it is they are looking for. And then give it to them straight away, up front on your homepage. Simple.

Getting Engaged

Having your website uncluttered and easy to use is half the battle. The other, equally vital half is to make sure your actual content (words and pictures) are both informative and interesting. Anything you can do to encourage your visitors to engage with your company through your website is generally worth the effort. This is the "creative" bit of web design. It's our favourite bit, and we are rather good at it 🙂 We work with our clients, reacting to your own feedback and suggestions at every stage of the design and development process. And it's why, after a few brief weeks of frantic activity, you end up with exactly the website you always wanted.

If you are considering commissioning a new website you can find answers to some common questions in our FAQ

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