SEO Campaign Support

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Want more customers? SEO can improve your results

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is important if you want customers searching the internet to find you. The holy grail is to get your business on the first page of search results for common key words or phrases in your area of business.

While there are no end of specialist companies offering dedicated SEO services (and eye-watering pricing to match), we have found that with a bit of research, hard work and by simply following Google's own best practice advice has helped ourselves and our clients improve search ranking position, with a subsequent increase in new business enquiries.

We now offer this as a supplementary add on service for all our websites.


SEO - The Basics

Contrary to what some may tell you, a successful SEO campaign takes research, hard work and time. There are no effective short cuts or quick fixes, so be wary of those who suggest otherwise... While our websites already include powerful and sophisticated SEO software and advice on how to use it, you may want extra help - especially if you are a new business or startup.

Our dedicated 6 month SEO campaign follows Google’s own best practice guidelines and will give your site a good head start to ranking as well as possible in major search engine results.

6 Month Dedicated SEO Campaign

We'll work with you over 6 months to identify the optimum keywords and phrases to reach your target market. Following Google’s own best practice advice, we will then incorporate these into your website's content, page titles and descriptions to raise your business ranking in search engine results such as Google etc.

We'll also help you build links on other sites and set up a dedicated Google Webmasters account so you can monitor valuable data on website traffic, keyword searches and a detailed report after 6 months to chart your ranking progress.

SEO Campaign Includes

  • Assistance to identify keywords and phrases for your business
  • SEO-friendly Page Titles / Page Meta Descriptions / Image descriptions
  • Setup Google Webmaster Tools Account to monitor traffic, ranking, statistics and site health.
  • Creation of Site Maps and submission to Google Index
  • Assistance to setup a Google+ Business Page
  • List your business on free internet listing sites
  • Progress monitor and a review / report after 6 months
  • Option to extend SEO activity after 6 months at £30 per month if required