Websites and more...

Speedypancake offer a full range of professional custom web design to more affordable Kickstarter business website packages and optional add-on services which can be added at the launch of your site, or in the future as your business requirements grow. From bespoke, stylish and affordable websites, to e-Commerce sales, SEO, image sourcing and social media integration - Speedypancake Web Design covers everything.

While websites seem to have taken over our lives, Speedypancake also have a vast amount of creative copywriting and art direction experience, working in the Creative Departments of top ad agencies, taking care of some top international brands. If you'd like to give your marketing a major creative injection, just let us know what you're up to - we'd love to lend a hand.

What is WordPress CMS & What can it do for me?

WordPress is a free, open source Content Management System. Starting out in 2003 as simple blogging software, it has quickly evolved into a leading, state-of-the-art platform for website creation and is currently used in over 10 million sites world wide. By separating core operating software and website content, web designers can radically change the design and look of a site at will by creating different "themes". Extra functions and features such as ecommerce shopping carts, forms and image sliders can be added using 3rd addons and plugins.

  • Easy for you to edit, update and manage your own pages and content
  • Tried and tested, robust, industry-leading open source platform
  • Fantastic support from 3rd party developers
  • Future-proof - Change your design and add functionality using themes and addons / plugins
  • Exciting options such as membership schemes and private sections or pages
  • Can be integrated with your social media channels such as Facebook & Twitter etc.
  • Create secure admin / edit logins for yourself and key members of your team
  • Publish your own news articles on a blog section if required