Terms and Conditions

Speedypancake Web Design – terms and conditions

If you’re looking at this page, the chances are you’re either being extremely thorough, just nosey, or something may have gone wrong. If you’re having problems your first port of call should be to get in touch with us contact us. We’re a friendly, helpful bunch and we’ll do our best to assist you with any problems .

Below you will find our standard terms and conditions. We’ve done everything we can to make our terms of service clear & honest, so you won’t find any complicated mumbo jumbo or “legalise”. We’re just trying to cover our backs in case someone would try to rip-off our designs or abuse our excellent service.

If you’re still curious then please read on….

By using any of our services, you implicitly accept the following terms and conditions:

Ordering any of our services is as easy picking up the phone or emailing us and asking for them.

If you are ordering a bespoke website, we’ll have an informal chat and get to know a bit about you, your business and your requirements. We will then offer a free, no obligation quote for your project based on what we believe you require.

If you decide to go ahead, we’ll look for a deposit of the total agreed amount (normally 50%).

Proceeding with your project, we will keep you fully informed and up to date throughout the development process.

We know all about websites – you know all about your business, so you will be required to supply us with suitable content (text and images) for use on your website. We will happily help you source suitable image library stock if required, but any costs will be extra and paid by the client. Our copywriters will also be happy to go over any text you supply with a view to tidying things up, making them SEO friendly and easy to read.

If you need a hand with writing content or sourcing images etc we can help with that too, but there may be an extra charge, depending on the size and complexity of your site – ask us.

Payment Terms:
If you do decide to go ahead after receiving our quote (and we hope you will) we will then issue a proforma invoice for half the total amount and will look to receive immediate payment in full via electronic transfer in our bank account .

If we do not receive your payment, or hear from you within 5 days, we will assume you no longer require our services and your trial account, test site and any content will be deleted or may be offered to another client.

Hosting and domain registration:
Every web site on the internet requires a registered domain name and a web site host to store your site files. Unlike some other Web Design Companies, we do not try to tie you in to an expensive hosting agreement. In fact we don’t offer web hosting at all. We can make recommendations and you are encouraged to choose your own hosting supplier and domain registrar. Many hosting companies include your domain name registration service for free. Commonly available hosting costs currently start at around £2.50 per month, depending on your provider. Like broadband providers, prices vary so shop around for the best deal. We can supply advice and recommendations on request so please ask us if you’re not sure. It is you (the customer’s) responsibility to ensure your supplier’s hosting services meet our following basic minimum requirements: PHP5.6, 1 database and an FTP facility. Most do but please ask us to check if you are not sure, or if you need assistance.

If you already have a web site (you own a domain name and have a hosting contract in place) even better! Just ask us to check your arrangements are suitable for our wordpress requirements. Once you have purchased your website design, we’ll need your hosting company / package / hosting plan you are on, along with your logins / passwords, ftp access details to transfer the new files across. Your current provider should be able to supply these details on request if you don’t have them handy.

Your domain registration and hosting package agreement is between you and your chosen supplier. We cannot (and will not) be responsible for any problems or losses you may have with their services.

You are free to change your hosting arrangements at any time, and we will do everything we can to assist you with this. However we cannot guarantee the continuity of your services.

Design License:
By using our services you are purchasing the right to use one copy of our web site layout, design and design experience.

All our designs, design components (and any content we may have created on your behalf) remain the copyright of Speedypancake or their respective owners. When you buy your site from us, you are purchasing a license to own and publish one copy of the design. Again, legal copyright is retained by Speedypancake. You may not under any circumstances duplicate or re-sell any of our website designs, code, design input or content.

Your responsibilities:
You (the customer) are responsible for all content on your web site, including any comments published on your site. You must supply us with suitable content to use within your website.  If we feel any of the content you submit to us for inclusion or publication is likely to cause offence, libellous, pornographic, criminal or inciting a criminal act, misleading or deceptive, we reserve the right to remove such content and suspend your service at any time.

Optional Website Maintenance and Aftercare Services

You are also explicitly responsible for the security of your website, including any private data or customer details you store on your site / web host / servers.

If you engage Speedypancake in a website maintenance / support role, you agree to inform us about any changes in your hosting arrangements, company ownership and business address.

As part of any ongoing service contract with us, you agree to take all reasonable steps to keep your site login and password details safe and secure. You also agree to Speedypancake maintaining a “master login” and FTP access for the purposes of site maintenance, problem-solving, backups and statistical reporting.

Important Note About WordPress:
Most of our designs use “WordPress” – the world’s leading content management system. WordPress and any associated “plugin modules” are freely available for anyone to install and use, if you know how. This popular system has been tried, tested and proven to be reliable, secure and effective. However, we cannot guarantee that any changes to the WordPress software or its terms of use made by the publishers of WordPress and their associates, or that any site modifications made by the customer or by Speedypancake on the customer’s behalf will not affect the cost, function or reliability of your web site.

WordPress software and associated plugins benefit from regular community updates and upgrades. It is the website owner’s responsibility to keep your website secure and updated to maintain reliability and security.

Technical Problems:
In the event of a technical problem with your web site, please contact our support directly by email in the first instance. While our responsibility for technical issues is limited and ends with the handover of your website, we may, at our discretion, investigate any problems and attempt to help you resolve them.

We guarantee that your website will be supplied in full working order once your payment is received. Due to the dynamic nature of websites, software updates, user content edits, uploads and updates, we regret that refunds are not possible.

If you intend to replace or move your web site at some point in the future, we may, at our discretion, assist by making your site content, images, database and backups (minus any of our propriety design input) available for transfer to your new site for a change-over period of four weeks following our receipt of a help request. There will be a small service charge involved.

Notes: “you” means the individual or company representative initiating our services.

“We, us or Speedypancake” means our company; Edinburgh- based Speedypancake Creative – Web Design and Advertising.