Awesome Premium Plugins on us!

Most of our WordPress web designs include various premium plugins for you to use.

Plugins are like little extra magic "apps" which can greatly expand the function and look of a website. There's a huge directory of plugins available for wordpress, and most of them are freely available. You can take a look here:

But by choosing Speedypancake for your web design, you also benefit from the awsome power of some of our favourite must-have premium (paid for) plugins for free.

These premium plugins are especially useful for things like editing your theme, layouts and pages, the navigation menus, social media feeds and thumbnail links etc. Speedypancake pay a yearly developer license fee to include these plugins, so you are free to use and update them.

In the unlikely event we ever decide not renew the license for one or more of these plugins you'll still be able to use it as before, (so your website won't blow up or stop working or anything). It's just that if you want to keep those plugins updated with the very latest versions, you would need to take out your own personal license(s) to do that if you want.

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