Speedypancake Website Design Process

Our web design & development process starts with a quick chat, and a blank sheet of paper...

We've been designing and developing bespoke websites for over 12 years now, and we still get a buzz when a new project comes our way.

No matter how big (or small), we give each client the same level of attention and care to ensure you receive the best possible service, and a website that has been especially created just for you.

The Chat

Being small business owners (and a bit nosey) ourselves, this is one of our favourite parts of the design process. You might be an estate agent, or a nursery school, an accountant or a garden centre looking to start selling online, getting to know you and your business is both important and fun. No two days and no two clients are the same, so we will quickly identify your unique needs, challenges and opportunities. The big wide internet is a great leveller. With care and a bit of thought, even the smallest one-man business can take on the big boys with an effective web design and online presence.

Perhaps unusually, we try to discourage the ubiquitous "business meeting".  Our experience shows valuable development time can be saved (and just as much progress made) with a quick blether on the phone...  Having said that, we're a friendly bunch and the door's always open, so if you are passing Linlithgow and want to pop in, just give us a bit of warning and we'll stick the kettle on.

While website functionality will have various technical challenges and solutions, how your website looks will depend a lot on your own personal likes and dislikes. If you already have a good idea about the sort of layout and style you like, we might ask you for a couple of links to other sites that have caught your eye, and our design team will use these as the starting point for your new site. Alternatively you can trust in our experience and judgement and leave everything up to us.

"A Great Quote"

Our initial discussions will give us a good idea about what you want and what you need from your website, and we will then offer a free, no obligation quote for developing your project from initial design to completion and launch.

If you like what you hear and wish to push on with your project, we will look for a deposit from you (normally half the total amount) and begin work on your site.


There's not much point having a fab new website if your customers can't find you, so we take a bit of time to take a look at your competition, and how your business fits in. We will consider things like SEO keywords and phrases, looking to take advantage of any opportunities we see to improve your visibility and ranking in major search engines like Google. This will normally also have an impact on your website content and page titles and descriptions.

The first design milestone will be to create a private development site. It will be a plain "bare bones" framework, but we'll create the basic functionality, such as site navigation, special features such as image sliders or blog sections and empty web pages.

It's your website

It's your business, and it's your website. A vital part of the design process is creating the actual content for all your pages and posts. If you are updating an existing website we may well be able to simply lift and reuse content from that. But if this is a new business launch or you are looking for a fresh start, we can help you to create informative and engaging content for your web pages. We can assist you to search and source top quality royalty-free image libraries, and our design team includes top copywriters who can help go over and edit your text to make sure it's effective and reads well on the web.

A question of style

Once we have all your pages and content in place, it's time to work on the style of your website. Your company may already have a strong brand identity and any colour scheme or distinctive fonts will be obvious and can be used within the site to strengthen your brand.

Final Build, Testing and Launch

We will complete your website to your specifications and test it for function and appearance on a wide variety of devices and browsers. Once we have received the balance of your account, we will transfer all the various website files and folders over to your own website hosting, give you a login and a quick crash course on the basics of editing and creating your own pages and content, and how to keep your software updated to keep your site secure and running smoothly.

High fives all round - it's time set your new website free onto the big wide web!

We're proud to say that Speedypancake enjoy excellent and on-going working relationships with most of our clients. Of course we'll be there on the other end of a phone or email to help with any queries etc you might have, especially in the first few weeks and months following your launch.

If you require a more formal website backup and support service or a dedicated SEO project, we offer custom support packages tailored to your needs and payable on a yearly or monthly plan to suit.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us for a chat and informal quote today -