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The WordPress CMS (Content Management System) has come so far from its roots as a simple "blogging"  platform as to be almost unrecognisable, and it's no surprise it has now become the World's favourite Website Design software.

As expert WordPress Designers based near Edinburgh, Speedypancake are proud to have been an exclusively WordPress Website Agency for over 10 years now. We have built up an amazing portfolio of bespoke wordpress websites for clients all over Scotland, the UK and the rest of the world.

So if you are looking around here for a new website, we've put together this page of basic info on WordPress to help get you aquainted and see what all the fuss is about.

WordPress - the affordable bespoke website solution

Perhaps above all else, WordPress has helped to bring professional websites within reach of all companies large or small.

Our prices start from just £380 for a 5 page WordPress Website, so get in touch today and find out what we can do for you.


Advantage WordPress
One of the major advantages that the WordPress Website Design Platform offers is the way it separates your website content (all the text and images) from the design and layout code. This idea of "theming" gives website designers the opportunity to quickly and radically change the layout, look and feel of your website without touching or re-creating your precious content at all.

Bespoke WordPress Websites
In fact, a lucrative marketplace has sprung up with developers offering dedicated WordPress "Themes". While most wordpress developers will simply buy an off-the-shelf theme / template for your website, Speedypancake pride ourselves on building almost every website we design from scratch. We rely on a couple of heavily customised tried and tested layout "frameworks" that we know inside out. This enables us to quickly put together any type of layout you might have seen or can imagine. This design expertise really helps to speed your digital project along and therefore keep your costs down. It also helps us to get "creative" with your site, instead of settling for someone else's templates.

Make Your Own Edits & Updates
With WordPress you (the website owner) are able to make basic edits and updates yourself by logging in to your "admin dashboard" anywhere in the world you have an internet connection. This is something we actively encourage as you can easily make simple adjustments such as editing a bit of text, updating prices or adding / deleting images etc without bothering your website designer! When you first login to the dashboard area it will look a bit overwhelming with all the various sections, tabs and options. But trust us, you will never need to use 90% of the options available. And with just a little bit of practice,  you will find that editing a web page is no more complicated than editing a MS Word document or writing an email.

Flexible & Future-proof
Apart from the fundamental layout and content of your site, there is a massive library of optional add-ons or "widgets" out there waiting to be explored. Often available free of charge, these can be downloaded and intalled on your website with a few clicks to provide specific extra functionality, such as contact forms, image galleries and SEO assistance. This means that it is entirely feasible that your website can grow and evolve, adapting with your business needs and opportunities. You might not need a full-blown ecommerce shopping system right now, but if you need to add something like that in the future, WordPress makes this relatively straightforward.


WordPress & SEO
The WordPress platform has been honed and developed over the years and includes many structural elements which search engines such as Google love. Every page or post you create comes with SEO opportunities to create a search-engine friendly page title and meta description. With care and a bit of research and time there is no reason why a small, local company shouldn't rank just as highly as big corporate giants. If you need help with this, we'd be delighted to lend a hand: SEO Services.

Originally developed as a platform for personal "bloggers", WordPress makes running a business blog / news page a snap. Search engines will lap up your articles too, so you can use these to discuss and promote any aspect of your business you want to feature.

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