There's no denying that in the ever-changing world of technology, A.I. or artificial intelligence is big news. Not a day goes by without some reference to how A.I's going to shake up and impact our lives. And not always for the better.

As a fun example, we asked the latest A.I. to auto generate a few company jingles. Just by typing our name and the nature of our business it was able to create a few unique jingles in a matter of minutes and a variety of music styles, all relevant to Speedypancake - Listen Here if you missed it

As a web designer I'm naturally interested in new tech. and what it might mean for my web design business. Will A.I. replace web designers and do me out of a job? Does it mean anyone can just type a quick description of the website they want and then A.I. will churn it out, in a couple of minutes, for free??

I doubt it. We already have easy access to a whole host of low cost website builders based on templates. With drag and drop and the click of a few buttons literally anyone can create a website. But is it any good?

Here at Speedypancake we pickup a lot of clients who have started down the "self-build" route but then got stuck or frustrated they can't achieve the results they were hoping for.

If A.I. can take away a lot of the boring, routine gruntwork from developing a new website then so much the better. But I believe that at the end of the day there will always be a need for input from an actual person with ideas and years of website design experience to create something special. Something more interesting and engaging than an "off-the-shelf" template. A design or layout that is uniquely tailored to the exact requirements of a business and its owner. A site that looks a bit different from everyone else, that can stand out and give you an edge over your competition.

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